Chimo Floor Swivel Fireplace

Guaranteed to catch the eye!

The new blomus indoor fireplaces are a breakthrough in indoor ambience. Now you can easily create a relaxing athmosphere in your living room. blomus have designed a genuine problem-solver for an indoor environment that would love a fireplace but lacks a chimney or gas line.

All blomus fireplaces have been tested and approved by UL for sufficient fire protection and operational safety such as fire protection requirements, accumulation of emissions and fuel flow-rate.

blomus Bio-Ethanol has a fuel value of app. 8,2 kWh/kg. On maximum user-adjustment blomus fireplaces will burn app. 0,23 – 0,50 kg fuel per hour. They are not intended to be or suitable as a room heater.

H 33.2″, Ø11.86″


  • Ventless
  • Odourless operation
  • No chimney or natural gas line required
  • Simply mounts to the wall like a picture frame
  • Creates a relaxing athmosphere
  • Safety certificate available upon request
  • Flame size is adjustable with included tool
  • Shipment includes: mounting hardware, a funnel and measureing jug, a sliding tool to adjust the flame and closing the burner to shut off the flame and a detailed instruction manual
  • A full reservoir burns for app. 2-4 hours, depending on the flame size


  • Solid wall for safe mounting
  • Wall surface must be of non-flammable material withstanding at least 85°C/185F
  • The minimum room size per opreated fireplace must not be under 44m“/1550 cuf (equalling 20 m”/215 sqf room size with a ceiling of 2,20 m/7,2 ft)
  • Room should be well ventilated
  • Local regulations may apply
  • Wall space must be large enough to meet all safety distance requirments as listed in the instruction manual

Midnight Rug in Cream

Twinkle Living rugs, throws and pillows — whimsical, quirky, sophisticated and accessible home designs for the contemporary collector who appreciates fashion.

Twinkle Living encapsulates Wenlan Chia’s fashion sensibility, her contemporary lifestyle, and a childhood spent amongst the expansive architecture of her native Taiwan. Wenlan founded Twinkle after her handmade chunky knit sweaters caught the eyes of stylish New Yorkers on the street as she strode to class at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Her ability to combine advanced knitting with fashion forward ideas made the craft hot again. Originally trained in the arts, Wenlan draws all of her own patterns for both her home and fashion collections. With custom prints and designs inspired by imagery culled from a life spent working in the arts, traveling the world, and escaping with idle daydreams, Wenlan brings a fresh point of view to her work and is thrilled to translate her ideas into a line of unique but accessible collection for the home.

Stem Vase

Stem Vase is a study in simplicity for a single flower or two. Blooms look fresh and inviting whether resting on the glass edge or extending elegantly above the vase.

Large: 12″ high
Small: 6″ high

Both sizes together make the perfect pair.


Scribble – Coat Rack. Inspired by a scribble mark drawn with a calligraphy pen. Scribble holds up to 5 coats, and has dedicated space on either end for scarves, umbrellas, and other day-to-day accessories.

Colours: Black
Dimensions: ~L650.H150.D45mm
Materials: Powder coated mild steel
Weight: ~0.5kg

Product Features

Functional – Scribble can hold 5 coats (1 on each of the peaks), and has dedicated space on either end for other essentials like scarves, umbrellas, and handbags.

Artistic – Scribble’s swift, flowing form is indicative of calligraphic embellishments and the penmanship of days gone by.

Easy-to-Install – Scribble installs quickly and easily. All fixings (3 screws and 3 wall plugs) are provided. The screws are powder-coated to colour match the coat rack for a seamless, quality finish.

Flat Pack – Scribble comes flat packed for easy storage and shipping.

Sushi Pillows

Delicious Fish in Plush Format

What is it about sushi that lends itself to plush? We’re not sure, but somehow seeing our favorite Japanese food turned into giant size pillows makes us smile. These Sushi pillows are hand made in the USA (a real rarity these days) by people who really really like Sushi.

Choose the delightful Shrimp Nigiri… or go for the delicious Salmon. There’s even a giant green Edamame for you to cuddle up with. But be warned, you’ll need a really big rotating sushi bar to serve up these plush morsels.

Stylish pillows look like giant pieces of sushi
Pillows are approximately 15″ long x 8″ high depending on type


Joris Laarman’s WirePod is a flexible gray power pod that begins with a three-prong plug and branches out into four curled arms, each with a single three-prong socket. Its arms and body roll and unfurl as needed to adjust for your functional living space. WirePod is the first piece in Artecnica’s Wiremore™ collection, a series of electrical products that challenge conventions by transforming power cords and wires from concealed, passive objects into visible, active elements that aesthetically and functionally energize living and working spaces. In this vein, WirePod’s tendrils possess a structural flexibility that makes the piece more useful, while visually integrating the shape and form of electric wire into the overall design environment, freeing wires once hidden from view.

“The trend towards making objects wireless detracts from the designer’s responsibility”
–Joris Laarman

Oxidized Thatch Bowl

Designed by michael aram, the scattered collection was inspired by the idea of assembling machined components by hand. Consisting of the welded pipe, welded washer and oxidized thatch motifs, these pieces have become some of the most popular decorative pieces in the Aram collection.

A Peaceful Bomb

Taiwanese design duo Owen and Cloud designed this piece as a statement against war, and the result is a one of a kind, striking piece.

Product Specs
Materials: Ceramics
Dimensions: 7.5″W x 5.9″D x 11″H

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