How to organize your books, according to people with thousands of them

In the article “How to Organize Books,” the author offers valuable insights and practical tips for home decorators looking to create an aesthetically pleasing and well-organized book collection. The post covers various organizing methods, such as arranging books by genre, color, or size. It emphasizes the importance of selecting suitable bookshelves or storage solutions to complement your home’s décor. Following these guidelines, you can transform your book collection into an eye-catching and functional design element, elevating your overall home decoration and creating an inviting reading environment.

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Dot Grid Book

Covers: Semi-Hard Suede-touch Cover
Size: 9″ x 10.5″
Paper: 80lb Premium Blend
Pages: 50
Binding: Double spiral (black)

The Dot Grid Book was designed by the Behance team in response to requests from graphic designers testing the Action Method. The Dot Grid was developed as an alternative to traditional lines and boxes. The light geometric dot matrix serves as a subtle guide for your notations and sketches.

Your Passion is your work, treat it well. The Dot Grid Book’s cover is a unique suede-to-the-touch hard cover. The pages are made of 80lb Premium Blend paper with a subtle texture (30% post-consumer recycled), double perforated, and three-hole punched between both perforations for maximum flexibility.

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Get To The Points – Magnetic Slip-Over-the-Page Bookmarks

These colorful, reusable magnetic bookmarks are a super easy way to prominently mark a specific line of text for future reference, a memorable passage in a book, or earmark all your favorite recipes. Simply open the point and slip the bookmark over a page and it will adhere securely. So much more book friendly than resorting to bent corners, paper clips, or high-lighting; and much neater than post-it notes sticking out of a book to note a place. Their glossy coating makes them super durable. Great for students, researchers or anyone who wants to notate something in a book without harming the pages. 25 multi-colored bookmarks to a container. Measures 1”H x ½”W.

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How often do we find ourselves with piles of magazines hard to access?
This rack is ideal for the storage of precious documents such as books, magazines, etc.

Bender comes as one whole sheet of metal. It’s easily folded and there’s no need for additional tools. Due to its vertical storage-system less space is utilized making it also ideal for tight areas.

Bender can be hung in a variety of different ways, combining colours and positions. It is available in white, black and red, all three colours in a mat finish.

Materials: Chromed metal.
Designer: Hiroshi Tsunoda, 2008.
Packaging: Flat packed with easy self assembly.

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Zuny Animal Bookend

Simple but mirthful in style. Nice size and weight that can be used to hold up most heavy items to act as a bookend, CD/DVD stand, or even as a door stopper. And with its cute look, it can be placed anywhere you like – on the desk, beside the bed, in the livingroom, office..etc. Each piece is handmade.

Four styles available: Boar (Babu), White Lion (Tumo), Dinosaur (Bobo), Sheep (Nell)

Brand: ZUNY
Size: W 4.9″ x L 10.2″ x H 6.9″
Material: PU Leather, Polyester Fiber, Iron Sand

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Normal Bookmark

normal bookmark is a simple, plain bookmark made from quality paper with a natural texture and color. When you slot a normal bookmark into a book, it begins to do its job quietly. It has just the right thickness and bends a little with the flipping of pages. Its natural shade blends humbly into the book. The slightly textured surface keeps it from falling.

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My Life Story

A 100 year diary for you to record the events of a lifetime. It will help you to remember the special moments you will never want to forget… the people you have loved, the friends you have made, the places where you have lived and those you have traveled to. You can record your achievements as well as your skills, make a note of favorite films, books, music, people and write down all your ambitions and things you want to do before you die. A map of the world and one of your body is included and can be filled in as you choose. Every year you can write about what important things are happening in your life and include photos and memorabilia.

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