Long Cotton Wood Tree Log Bolster Pillow

This is a tree log-shape bolster pillow made in knit. And it is a imitation of a cottonwood tree log bitten down by beavers. The graphics on this pillow is knitted, instead of printed, in five different colors. The pillow cover is custom made using a specialized knit machine. The pillow cover can be easily taken off for washing.

Approximate measurement: 19cm(H) x 107cm(W) x 19cm(D)

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Björk Pillow Cushions

The Björk interior cushions and their patterned structure are a modern product with enriched textile quality for contemporary use. Lena Bengström found her inspiration in the birch tree and its rough black and white trunk which has a unique and strong graphical structure. The leather edging alludes to the inside of the bark.

Cushions are available in 100 % wool in either bright or dark grey. Dimensions: 37 x 37.

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Sushi Pillows

Delicious Fish in Plush Format

What is it about sushi that lends itself to plush? We’re not sure, but somehow seeing our favorite Japanese food turned into giant size pillows makes us smile. These Sushi pillows are hand made in the USA (a real rarity these days) by people who really really like Sushi.

Choose the delightful Shrimp Nigiri… or go for the delicious Salmon. There’s even a giant green Edamame for you to cuddle up with. But be warned, you’ll need a really big rotating sushi bar to serve up these plush morsels.

Stylish pillows look like giant pieces of sushi
Pillows are approximately 15″ long x 8″ high depending on type

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Light Pillow

Linas Kutavicius’ Light Pillow is all about warmth and softness. This pillow shaped light can be placed on the floor (or bed), hung on the wall or used as a chandelier. Any way you use it, you’re sure to have a unique lamp.

Removable cover – easy to wash.

cover: 100% cotton
frame: powder-coated metal

Dimensions: 17.75″ x 17.75″ x 8″

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Design Your Own Pillow

Step 1 – Pattern

To start designing your pillow, select a pattern. Choose a theme and then pick a pattern.

Step 2 – Fabric

Now that you’ve selected your pattern, choose the fabric for your pillow. You can pick 215 thread count cotton, cotton casement, linen/cotton blend
or silk dupioni.

Step 3 – Size

Next, select the size you want your pillow to be. Choose from 18 x 18 or 26 x 26.

Step 4 – Fabric Colors

Choose one base color and then an embroidery color for each detail of your pattern.

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Take Me Anywhere Suitcase Pillow

The base front and back is a oatmeal colored 100% linen. The handle, latches and corners are cut from brown felt. The back side has a sewn in “olive” lable and a vintage button (color and size will vary do to this pillow being made to order). This pillow comes with a luggage tag that reads Australia. However,you may personalize it however you wish at no additional charge. Make your space a little more exciting by adding a Suitcase pillow!

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