How often do we find ourselves with piles of magazines hard to access?
This rack is ideal for the storage of precious documents such as books, magazines, etc.

Bender comes as one whole sheet of metal. It’s easily folded and there’s no need for additional tools. Due to its vertical storage-system less space is utilized making it also ideal for tight areas.

Bender can be hung in a variety of different ways, combining colours and positions. It is available in white, black and red, all three colours in a mat finish.

Materials: Chromed metal.
Designer: Hiroshi Tsunoda, 2008.
Packaging: Flat packed with easy self assembly.

New Folder

The modern folder for the old fashioned way of filing – giving you a piece of the virtual in the real world.

Write-on magnetic stripes enable a variable filing system as they can be easily exchanged and replaced. A Ctrl Z for real stuff.

design and construction: Kathrin Lang, Wolfgang Rößler

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