Stem Vase

Stem Vase is a study in simplicity for a single flower or two. Blooms look fresh and inviting whether resting on the glass edge or extending elegantly above the vase.

Large: 12″ high
Small: 6″ high

Both sizes together make the perfect pair.

Slumped Vases

Slumped Vases designed by Andi Kovel and Justin Parker, 2004.

Materials: Recycled glass stock; processed in an electric furnace that’s powered by wind energy.
Dimensions: Approx. 12″, 14″ or 18″ tall; diameter varies. Specify preferred color and height when ordering.

These one-of-a-kind items are functional works of art. Use them to display flowers, to contain a collection of interesting objects, or just by themselves.

Slumped Vases are handmade, one at a time, by Justin and Andi at Esque in Portland, OR. This makes each one individually unique, and also means that yours won’t match exactly what’s pictured.

These vases are made from recycled glass stock and processed in a furnace that’s powered by wind energy. So they’re not only beautiful to look at, they’re among the most sustainably made glass products available.

Slumped Vases are available in three sizes and three lovely colors. Choose yours from the pull-down menu below.
12″ tall: $314
14″ tall: $578
18″ tall: $878

A Botanical Illusion

Stems seem to float within the cylindrical walls of these elegant and modern glass bud vases. Have a larger bouquet? Simply flip the vase over to accommodate more flowers and create a different look.

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