Link Mugs

Link Mugs are a set of three tea and coffee mugs that link together.

Design: Johnathan Aspinall
Dimensions: H 95mm 80mm dia
Set of three link mugs
Ceramic coffee mugs
Unique gift idea

Link Mugs are one of those simple but inspired product designs that solves the problem of how to carry several mugs at once without the need for a tray.

We’ve all done it at one time or another: tried to carry too many mugs in one go leading to spills, burnt fingers and stains on the carpet.

So, inspired by the quintessential builder’s mug, designer Jonathan Aspinall has developed an inspired solution to this problem – mugs that can link together. Each cup has a plus shaped plug on one side and a corresponding receptacle on the other. Thereby allowing the mugs to be linked together for you to carry in a line to friends, family and work colleagues.

The Link Mug set also makes a unique gift idea. They come packaged in a presentation box that illustrates how to use them.

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Pantone Mugs

Delight HQ is full of Pantone freaks – we want the exact color, exactly when we want it and Pantone is heaven for our particularity. These mugs, inspired by Pantone Color charts, are glazed with a pattern resembling the iconic Pantone Color Chip and come with cute Pantone chip tag. Graphic designers and Color Gurus rejoice!
10 oz Mug. Available in sets of 10 (1.0 and 2.0) or a 4pk “Tea Set”. Tea sets are packaged in a gift box. A TRUE collectors item!

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Chalk Board Mug

Doesn’t matter what your hot beverage of choice is, the everyday mug has now turned into a mode of communication. This ingenious mug is glazed with a chalk board surface allowing for easy-wipe messaging with a standard piece of chalk. So much better than post-its, it’s great for morning love notes to your sweetie, identifying whose mug is whose when you have a house full of guests, wishing birthday greetings… The list is endless. And could there be a more perfect gift for any teacher. Stick of chalk included. These mugs hold 11 ounces.

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