How to organize your books, according to people with thousands of them

In the article “How to Organize Books,” the author offers valuable insights and practical tips for home decorators looking to create an aesthetically pleasing and well-organized book collection. The post covers various organizing methods, such as arranging books by genre, color, or size. It emphasizes the importance of selecting suitable bookshelves or storage solutions to complement your home’s décor. Following these guidelines, you can transform your book collection into an eye-catching and functional design element, elevating your overall home decoration and creating an inviting reading environment.

How to organize your books, according to people with thousands of them Read More » is a platform offering stylish and unique home decor wall art to elevate your living space’s aesthetic from travel experiences, perfect for travelers and home decorators. With wall art maps, you can transform your home into a sanctuary that reflects your tastes and immerse yourself in enriching travel adventures. Read More »


A range of picture / object frames that allow you to fully capture a memory of an event. Combine a photograph with memorabilia or simply fill them with things. Their faceted form allows you to stand them in any orientation to suit your needs. Made in super clear and resistant polycarbotate plastic.

Manufactured by Authentics Gmbh. 2008

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Modual storage system, perfect for use in both home and office environments. A sturdy steel frame guarantees resistance and stability, whilst the acrylic resin doors, walls and floors provide rigidity. Each unit is available with or without doors, and the base unit is available with either feet or wheels. The number of possible combinations is endless!

Product name: One
Designed by: Piero Lissoni
Brand: Kartell
Made in Italy

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Dot Grid Book

Covers: Semi-Hard Suede-touch Cover
Size: 9″ x 10.5″
Paper: 80lb Premium Blend
Pages: 50
Binding: Double spiral (black)

The Dot Grid Book was designed by the Behance team in response to requests from graphic designers testing the Action Method. The Dot Grid was developed as an alternative to traditional lines and boxes. The light geometric dot matrix serves as a subtle guide for your notations and sketches.

Your Passion is your work, treat it well. The Dot Grid Book’s cover is a unique suede-to-the-touch hard cover. The pages are made of 80lb Premium Blend paper with a subtle texture (30% post-consumer recycled), double perforated, and three-hole punched between both perforations for maximum flexibility.

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Helvetica Typography Acrylic Necklace

Total helvetica-phile? Adhere to the mantra “give me good typography or give me death”? Designers and type nerds alike — this is the necklace for you!

Typeset in the (in)famous Helvetica typeface and cut from 3mm black acrylic, this necklace will have people either loving or hating you depending on which side of the helvetica coin they stand.

The pendent is cut from 3mm acrylic and is 2.5″ wide and 0.6″ tall. It hangs from a silver chain approximately 16″ in total length.

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