Cubic Timer

Keeping time in the kitchen is no longer a crap shoot with this dice-like timer by Japanese design collective IDEA. Want a 3-minute egg? Simply turn the timer so the number 3 faces up, and instantly time starts ticking down. Beep! C’est fini. Or count down from 10, 30 or 60 minutes. We got one for the bathroom to keep showers to an environmentally-sound 10; or take it to the bedroom to keep that disco nap from going all night.

Packaging: Gift box
Size: 2.4″ x 2.4″ x 2.4″

New Lamp

New Lamp is a table lamp based off of SANAA’s New Museum. As the New York Times puts it, “Functional architecture for our night table.”

Construction: Laser cut translucent white acrylic with cool-white fluorescent bulb
Dimensions: H 16″ x W 6.5″ x L 9″

Blue & Silver Stackable Travel Menorah & Candlesticks

Let your creativity loose with this 10 piece anodized aluminum Hanukkah Lamp. Arrange the pieces in a circle, a line, or form whatever shapes you desire each night. The graded well holds either Hanukkah candles or standard Shabbat candles. During the year, restack your pieces to form candlesticks for use on Shabbat . Pieces come packaged in a velvet pouch for travel or storage. Made in Israel.

Anodized Aluminum
1-1/4″ diameter with 1″h stacking circles

Kiikku Planter

A garden for your living room. The Kiikku planter cradles four porcelain square pots that step up a walnut ladder. Architecturally elegant, it leans directly on the wall for support to create a vertical indoor greenhouse.

Design by Susanna Hoikkala/Tanja Sipilä 2009
Made by Tonfisk Design, Finland.


You CAN get along with making just one cup instead of a pot. Using the Minibrewer, you make your freshly ground coffee directly in the cup. An economic and easy solution for modern daily life, where we rarely enjoy our coffee in the company of others. The Minibrewer is made of steel, rubber, and black mat plastic, and perfectly complements Stelton’s new designer mugs, inspired by Arne Jakobsen’s classic Cylinda-Line design.

The Minibrewer is created by the young designer Frederik Gundelach (born in 1974), who is an industrial designer and graduated from the School of Architecture at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. “Renewing design must be perceived as meaningful by the user and cause much joy,” says Frederik Gundelach.

Column Candle

Unlike a typical candle, this column candle can simply be placed as an interior decor with its detailed and antique look. Even after usage, the candle will only burn 1/3 of the top, creating an original piece as wax will melt over to drip down the column base.

Recycling Frame

Recycling made easy! Here’s an everyday product made functional and stylish. Recycle your paper, plastics and metals using these clever recycling frames. Style your own frame with your favorite bag. Great for the office and at home. Use 2 frames to create a recycling center for 3 collectables and use 3 frames for 5 collectables.

steel (30% recycled) and is 100% recyclable
comes with 2 paper bags (one white and one brown)

32 x 25 x 55 cm

steel grey

Neff Knit Headphones

Premium headphones from skate, surf and snowboard headwear company, Neff, offering a superlative bass-boosted audio experience all while looking stylish with a two-toned, linear designed knit outer. Fully adjustable headband; large and small adapter set included. Finished with a logo tag at the headband. Imported. Spot clean.

Color: Black & white
One size fits all
Acrylic, plastic, electronics

Around the World Wine Totes

Next time you bring that bottle of wine to a friend’s house, make sure you do it in style with these adorable, eco-friendly wine totes! 100% natural cotton, perfectly fits a bottle of wine and perfect to throw over your shoulder. Print is double sided. Available in Bordeaux, La Rioja, Tuscany, Napa Valley or Manhattan.

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