How to organize your books, according to people with thousands of them

In the article “How to Organize Books,” the author offers valuable insights and practical tips for home decorators looking to create an aesthetically pleasing and well-organized book collection. The post covers various organizing methods, such as arranging books by genre, color, or size. It emphasizes the importance of selecting suitable bookshelves or storage solutions to complement your home’s décor. Following these guidelines, you can transform your book collection into an eye-catching and functional design element, elevating your overall home decoration and creating an inviting reading environment.

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Modual storage system, perfect for use in both home and office environments. A sturdy steel frame guarantees resistance and stability, whilst the acrylic resin doors, walls and floors provide rigidity. Each unit is available with or without doors, and the base unit is available with either feet or wheels. The number of possible combinations is endless!

Product name: One
Designed by: Piero Lissoni
Brand: Kartell
Made in Italy

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Recycling Frame

Recycling made easy! Here’s an everyday product made functional and stylish. Recycle your paper, plastics and metals using these clever recycling frames. Style your own frame with your favorite bag. Great for the office and at home. Use 2 frames to create a recycling center for 3 collectables and use 3 frames for 5 collectables.

steel (30% recycled) and is 100% recyclable
comes with 2 paper bags (one white and one brown)

32 x 25 x 55 cm

steel grey

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Stacked Shelf System

Shelving system from Muuto in white painted MDF or pine.

JDS Architect on the design:

“How to be specific and generic altogether? Shelving systems have a tendency to achieve one concern but never both. We decided to dimension shelving units based on the generic measurements of things to store and display while allowing for them to be combined according to specific needs and desires… the result can be at times a random stack of boxes or a coordinated grid of efficient storage… or both!

Available in 3 sizes / building blocks:
Small: 218 x 436 x 350 mm
Medium: 436 x 436 x 350 mm
Large: 654 x 436 x 350 mm

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Fixed behind or on the desktop, even onto a facing wall. Anywhere in fact where you wish to have cables temporarily held yet easily removeable or extended. CableDrop gently grasps your power and peripheral cords so they do not fall off your desk every time you unplug your laptop.

Multi-purpose Cable Clips

Cabledrop’s unique design makes cable management fun and can also be used as a general purpose clip in a multitude of creative ways.

Perfect In Any Environment

Cabledrop can really blend in with your decor, use them hidden under ledges with the muted colors to match your furniture or bring them to light by using the bright ones. Beyond just preventing cables from falling off a desk, they make great cable clips on furniture legs or walls to control unruly cords.

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