Kiikku Planter

A garden for your living room. The Kiikku planter cradles four porcelain square pots that step up a walnut ladder. Architecturally elegant, it leans directly on the wall for support to create a vertical indoor greenhouse.

Design by Susanna Hoikkala/Tanja Sipilä 2009
Made by Tonfisk Design, Finland.

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Nature Planter

Nature is a modern ceramic planter intended for growing a variety of herbs and flowers. The form takes inspiration from patterns and shapes found in nature, hence the name. The largest opening at the top can hold plants that need to root deeper. Opening like a blossom, the form allows each pocket to collect water.

The planter is made using a complex six-part mold (compared to the typical two to four part mold) with seventeen post-molding cuts. Each piece is carefully cast, hand-finished and glazed in Portland, Oregon. Three holes on the bottom allow for drainage. The planter is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Size: 18″ tall and 22″ wide.

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Moving Hedge

Greenworks’ Moving Hedge is the first self-watering plant wall on wheels – a multi-functional, living piece of furniture.

Moving Hedge is a double-sided plant wall on wheels with automatic watering system and pockets for plants. The wall is perfect as room-divider in office spaces, a corner builder for recreation spots or a green boost at any other public space that can benefit from air-cleaning, sound absorbing and overall aesthetic functions.


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