In-sink Kitchen Towel Holder

At the heart of the system is a patented double magnet system which attach to both the inside and outside of your sink. This ensures that your kitchen cloth holder will stay in place, all the time. The part that resides inside your kitchen cabinet attaches itself to your sink with a strong strip of adhesive, so that it won’t fall. The kitchen cloth holder will “find” the opposite magnet and attach itself to your sink. Magisso is quick and easy to install and will not scratch the sink surface.

Thanks to this ingenious product, the kitchen cloth is stored out of sight but still within easy reach. It allows for quick drying and is the hygienically correct way to store your cloth.

Available in three designs to complement any sink; the basic plastic is the affordable entry, and two stainless versions, curved or straight.
Scandinavian design, Finish functionality, for every day use.

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