The DESKSET is the essential set of aluminum desk accessories designed to compliment your Mac computer right down to the finish. These carefully crafted accessories will add a level of substance to your desk space that no other desk accessory can.

The DESKSET has been designed with simplicity and functionality in mind. All pieces are constructed of 3/16″ thick anodized aluminum material with a matte anodized finish. Laser-etched cork is used on the underside to reduce sliding and provide contrast to the aluminum material.

The DESKSET includes the following items:
1. INBOX | fits letter/A4 paper
2. PENCIL CUP | 3” x 3” base by 4” tall
3. DOODAD CUP | 4” x 4” base by 2” tall
4. BIZ CARD HOLDER | fits standard size cards

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