POD Aluminium Planters

Just as we were prepping to pot our new succulents and herbs, our Silverlake pals Eli Bonerz and Thomas Robertson at Pad Outdoor showed up with these styling new planters. We’re gaga for them. Each planter is hand spun from aluminum and powder coated–making them durable for outdoors. The steel stands are fitted with rubber, shock-absorbing pads at both ends to protect the planter and floor surface–making them ideal for indoors. Two planter styles, two stand heights and six color options yield countless configurations to customize a single planter or grouping according to your site. Want another color altogether? Contact us and we can special order. Like all Pad Outdoor products, these are totally made in Los Angeles.


  • Planter 16″ dia x 10″ h
  • Internal diameter is 11″ – fits standard 10 gallon plant pot.
  • Low stand 15″ t
  • High Stand 22″ t

Moving Hedge

Greenworks’ Moving Hedge is the first self-watering plant wall on wheels – a multi-functional, living piece of furniture.

Moving Hedge is a double-sided plant wall on wheels with automatic watering system and pockets for plants. The wall is perfect as room-divider in office spaces, a corner builder for recreation spots or a green boost at any other public space that can benefit from air-cleaning, sound absorbing and overall aesthetic functions.



Stack is a tower of ‘floating’ drawer units that can be pushed and pulled in both directions. This will often result in a random and irregular formality that is both fascinating and unusual to the eye. Stack is available with 8 or 13 drawers.

Materials: MDF, plywood

Dimensions: 24.5″ x D 22.5″ x H 42.5″

luca stand

With its classical form the floor lamp fits itself self-confidently into any environment. The tripod stand obtains a functional studio character and contributes to the simple appearance of the floor lamp. The puristic design of the lamp is set in scene by the combination of oiled oak and fabric of the company JAB-Anstoetz.

Toto Cube Lamp

An unusual lamp with an unusual story, the Toto Cube Lamp is made by a wine tank manufacturer in France. Toto can be used as lamp, table or seat. Place it bedside for a soft glow, or employ it in a retail setting to add a dramatic backdrop to the objects on display. It has successfully turned three products into one.

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